My Blog!

I have registered on blog sites before because I love reading certain blogs but I never kept one to write about my thoughts and such. Just like Twitter, who the fuck cares about my thoughts and ideas?!? And tbh it truly is narcissistic of people to actively tweet their thoughts because they think people truly […]

I’m running really low on family here…

Most of my relatives live in Ireland. I barely know most of them. My mother died last October, she had 5 CODs but kidney failure was the main issue.. My SO is in heart failure at 34. A transplant is inevitable in the future, but you must adhere to everyhting the doc wants, my mother […]

Sorry for neglecting my blog!!!

I have had some personal problems, my SO is in heart failure and needs to have an internal defibrillator put in hopefully by next week. I suffer from severe depression and for about a week or two I fell backwards. I must, no matter what, continue meditation, tai chi and yoga. It is so beneficial […]